About PinoyJourn

Unwittingly, the medium has defined the chapters of my life.

The Internet came just before I entered high school. I joined the Friendster bandwagon by third year, and switched to Multiply in college. After graduating, it’s on to Facebook, and now,  WordPress.

Such a blog is long overdue for me. While I kept one sporadically updated in Multiply, I felt a “more professional-looking” blog might motivate me to update more and post on a variety of topics.

This blog covers my life, my thoughts and experiences, profiles of people I encounter, my take on current events, quick dissertations on my many interests, and (I still hope) reviews on the media.

“PinoyJournalist” is a tag I’ve used to name my gadgets’ memory drives for some years. It wasn’t a big claim to be the Pinoy Journalist, but a mere name to identify me as a Filipino, and as a member–and observer–of the press.

That was in college. Now I am with the press. It might hinder me from posting too often, and maybe from posting objectively on media issues. We’ll see.

For now, let the medium not hinder the message.

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8 comments on “About PinoyJourn

  1. Hey PinoyJourn!

    Do you personally know Francis Faulve? He’s my church mate from Victory QC before. I just noticed his name on your Twitter post on sidebar.

    I was on Multiply before too but I kept it private now.

    Great to see we have the same theme. It does look like “more professional.” 🙂 I suggest you also take advantage of the carousel-looking “Featured Posts in iTheme2” here >> http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/itheme2/

    Have a blessed New Year, Anjo! 🙂

    • Hi, Adrian! Yes, I know Kiko. He’s one of the reporters I regularly work with. I remember some older friends from Victory QC ask me about him. Dating batchmate. Wow, small world!

      My Multiply’s left as a relic of college memories. I plan to repost some old posts here in WP esp. if they’re relevant.

      I loved my first/previous theme, but I felt it needed a new tweak in 2012. With this, the font is bigger and my shots get better exposure. I immediately remembered your site when I chose this theme. Hmm. I’ll check out the carousel! Hoping to add more pages and not just posts to my blog this year. The list of to-do’s never ends. hahaha.

      Happy new year and many thanks!

  2. Nabanggit kita nung nagkakwentuhan kami during the wee hours last Jan 10 as we were waiting for the Nazareno to arrive in Quiapo. Magkamustahan ulit!

    Maraming salamat sa encouragement! More power din sa yo at sa iyong blog!

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