How 2015 USTV intro’d TV show winners

USTV Orchestra at the 11th USTV Awards 2015 (Grab courtesy of the USTV Awards)

(Grab courtesy of the USTV Awards)

The past USTV Awards often played a recording of the theme music of winning TV shows as they were announced. This 2015 the organizers went a step further and had them performed live–with an orchestra to boot!

For any staff or on-cam talent of these shows, hearing familiar tunes played by a band surely makes receiving the awards extra special. One of them even remarked, “Nakakaiyak naman iyong intro.”

It will end up a little-noticed detail of the 11th USTV Awards, which gave awards of excellence to 4 shows from ABS-CBN and 3 from GMA 7 for winning the student body’s award 5 or more times.

Still, live musical intros are something we have yet to see in local TV awards shows. And this from a school-based award-giving body!

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PROBE nation

“This instrument can teach, it can illuminate, yes, and it can even inspire. But, it can only do so to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise it is merely wires and lights in a box.”

–journalism luminary Edward R. Murrow on television, 1958

Today, not many TV shows here aim for that potential. And the best and eldest of them has just pulled the plug, after 24 years of teaching, illuminating, inspiring, and giving currency to one word: Probing.

It was first a spark in the dark, conceived in the uncharted information void after EDSA 1.

The Probe Team has since outlived the competitors it set off, produced many of the industry’s best people, recorded history, and stayed true to its brand of hard-hitting yet ethical journalism.

Probe pioneered the news magazine in the Philippines when TV public affairs consisted mostly of studio talk.

First popularized by CBS’s 60 Minutes, the format meant sections (or segments) of topics varying from the serious to the light.

One just need look at today’s most-watched current affairs shows to see Probe’s influence, like weekend magazines Failon Ngayon, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, and Rated K.

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