Core Evolution: Journey of an undaunted core


The JFCM Youth Camp core and staff, 2012-2016

As part of the tag of the revived JFCM general youth camps, the phrase “our camp” holds a more personal meaning for those of us who have lived and breathed it way beyond the three days and two nights.

From thinking about what theme to pursue and what name to call it, up to which portions of the program need to be bumped off or will wake-up call be moved, we’ve seen it all, zoomed in and zoomed out.

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The core behind ‘Breakthrough’

(Shot by c/o Jeruel Pingol & Jace Carag)

Presenting the BREAKTHROUGH Camp Core Staff.

They’re from varying places–Cavite, Mandaluyong, Pasay, Caloocan, Rizal. The youngest hasn’t had a debut yet and the oldest are way past youth camp attendance.

But God brought them together for a purpose–to see Him work mightily in youths brought together to know Him and each other more.

It wasn’t easy. For a number of us, it was our first time attending a large-scale camp and we were already thrust into staff roles.

The discussions during the year-long planning sometimes brimmed with heat. Things sometimes didn’t go as planned. In the three days at camp, we had to improvise or fast-track events with a jumbled schedule.

Yet we had fun. We prayed together. We laughed at teases and unintended blunders. We appreciated the home-cooked lunches and the pa-libre of take-out food during meets.

And we are thankful for the guidance of those who had gone through what we were only now going through.

More so, our belief and purpose was one. This is our generation, our camp (the first for our church after 10 years), but the God who moved in camps of years past is still full of surprises.

And He delivered.

All for God, and all to God. I thank Him for letting me be part of this league of extraordinary men and women.

And as much as we hope the Breakthrough campers found new lifelong friends in the camp, I know we ourselves have found a barkada of brothers and sisters.

May this be only the beginning of greater things in store for the JFCM youth!


Top row (L-R): Ezekiel Brizuela, Anjo Bagaoisan, Jeruel Pingol, Alvin Funa, Lee Hansiel Lim, Nico Bagaoisan, Paul Gacusan
Bottom row (L-R): Pia Soliman, Abigail Valenzuela, Mitch , Arlien Sion, Ronabelle “Lee” Usman, Anna Pingol-Bartolome, Anne Rose Bobis, Meg Gallo, Estef Vergara, Paula Pacleb, Lucky Azul, Jovy Llaneta