Core Evolution: Journey of an undaunted core


The JFCM Youth Camp core and staff, 2012-2016

As part of the tag of the revived JFCM general youth camps, the phrase “our camp” holds a more personal meaning for those of us who have lived and breathed it way beyond the three days and two nights.

From thinking about what theme to pursue and what name to call it, up to which portions of the program need to be bumped off or will wake-up call be moved, we’ve seen it all, zoomed in and zoomed out.


Preparing the Relentless camp kits, 2014

We’ve grown in size in the past four years and involved members from more outreaches. From handling over 100 campers from around 10 outreaches, we just finished leading more than 200 strong youths scattered across 20+ Jesus First churches from central to southern Luzon.

The months spent mounting the camps were leaps of faith and sparks of growth.


Breakthrough, 2012

We’ve had our share of disagreements over how things should be or should have been done. We’ve had our tough calls and close calls.

And we’ve been proven time and again that it has never been OUR camp.  Nothing is under our control. We makes plans, and a higher plan never fails to surprise.


Testing out the forts for Undaunted, 2016


Game dry run, Relentless, 2014

But I’d like to think that all of us in the camp core team would readily do it again, probably a little bit better than the last.


Mga bibeng core, Undaunted, 2016 (Shot by Jeruel Pingol)

In the course of planning, arguing and carrying things out, we from different backgrounds have become closer friends–akin to soldiers bonded together by the most extreme of battles. In service, we’ve found lifelong comrades.


Boodle fight, Relentless, 2014

Some of us have moved on to bigger responsibilities and passed the baton to their proteges. Others keep on, believing there’s still a purpose for them in the lives of the Jesus First youth.


First facis, Breakthrough, 2012 (Shot by Jeruel Pingol)

They say there’s no retirement from this service, only a momentary rest. We had Breakthrough.  We were Relentless.  And we became Undaunted. Until the next one, we press on, knowing it’s more than just “our generation, our camp.”

It’s the same great, big GOD.


Undaunted, 2016 (Shot by Ezekiel Brizuela)


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