How 2015 USTV intro’d TV show winners

USTV Orchestra at the 11th USTV Awards 2015 (Grab courtesy of the USTV Awards)

(Grab courtesy of the USTV Awards)

The past USTV Awards often played a recording of the theme music of winning TV shows as they were announced. This 2015 the organizers went a step further and had them performed live–with an orchestra to boot!

For any staff or on-cam talent of these shows, hearing familiar tunes played by a band surely makes receiving the awards extra special. One of them even remarked, “Nakakaiyak naman iyong intro.”

It will end up a little-noticed detail of the 11th USTV Awards, which gave awards of excellence to 4 shows from ABS-CBN and 3 from GMA 7 for winning the student body’s award 5 or more times.

Still, live musical intros are something we have yet to see in local TV awards shows. And this from a school-based award-giving body!

As a musician and television employee, I felt these had to be collated and shared for the enjoyment of local TV followers.

My favorite part is just past 4:55.

Kudos to the USTV Orchestra, which arranged and played the pieces. Video credit goes to UST and the USTV Awards, which allowed our team to record their production.

(P.S.: For the newscast I daily work for, though, I felt the orchestration for TV Patrol’s theme was less rousing than I hoped, especially since the arrangement was based on the 2006-2010 techno theme, not the current fanfare one.

The best–and so far only–orchestration of the latest TVP theme was arranged and conducted by Mr. Ryan Cayabyab during the TVP Silver Anniversary in 2012. That’s a topic for another post.)


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