Losses and look-backs—PinoyJourn’s 2012 top posts

By Andrew Jonathan S. Bagaoisan

Anjo solo editing PC Cateel - Shot by MelThe year 2012 was one big nostalgia trip in ways both fun and tragic.

As seen in the stories covered by this blogger, our nation dealt with death many times over, the lot of them persons of influence.

Their passing inadvertently brought us back pleasant memories of their heyday years. For one loss, we mused what might have been in the future.

2012 was also a good year for one personality, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. His role in the biggest political event of the year paved the way for many to revisit his controversial life.

But as a student and practitioner of media, the biggest commemoration of the year is the silver anniversary of the country’s longest-running primetime newscast, TV Patrol.

It’s a program I have been privileged to contribute to on a daily basis in the field. TV Patrol’s 25th year also allowed me a rare glimpse of the show’s evolving look and recent history as it was covered.

Among those historic events were calamities, which again began and ended 2012.

A little showbiz intrigue added to the visits to this blog, which jumped to the thousands per month. People came searching for Umagang Kay Ganda hosts Andrei Felix and Venus Raj, who went public with their relationship this year.

And as in 2011, a quaint book review also brought in visitors interested in a fictional Belgian detective.

But still, the big events and characters of the year—and also some scene-stealers—were what riveted PinoyJourn readers.

Again, with the fervent wish for more meaningful stories to tell, I hope for opportunities to write other pieces that go beyond behind the scenes.

A big thanks to the readers who help keep this blog running.

Yearend-2012-Enrile at Erap impeachment1. Juan Ponce Enrile and history
– Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile constantly figured in historical moments at the Senate that I researched for TV Patrol. And fresh from the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona, Enrile was hot copy. Compiling those footages, I traced JPE’s track through infamy and back in this blog’s most-read post to date.

Yearend-2012-Dolphy tribute ABS

2. The night Dolphy died
– Our news team kept tabs on Comedy King Dolphy since his failing health brought him to the hospital. We were on alert a couple of times, but the inevitable moment came for real one long day. To think it started with problematic traffic.

Yearend-2012-Ondoy Julius Babao Marikina

3. TV Patrol 25: Revisiting Ondoy
– Wanting to be involved in TV Patrol’s 25th anniversary, I became part of its Balitandaan (for Balitang Dapat Tandaan) Project. Most events the markers remembered were tragic, but rife with lessons still unlearned. Among them, the floods of Ondoy that were my breaking-in moment as a novice in TV news.

Yearend-2012-TVPatrol25 marker Pampanga
4. TV Patrol’s big day
– ABS-CBN decided to put out all the stops for the newscast that helped it redefine television after EDSA 1. On-air and online, dozens contributed to the mass nostalgia for news casting as it was. The highlights of TVPatrol25: the first Balitandaan in Pampanga and a tweaked anniversary newscast.

Kabayan Korina Ted I Want it That Way
5. That epic ABS-CBN News music video (Because journalists also dream of singing stardom)
– Only when the top news boss and anchors gave their permission did spunky reporters led by Jeff Canoy upload their just-for-fun gig. It also merited a flash of memory with a ‘90s boy band hit—and for its contrast to the flak met by an earlier take on ‘singing journalists’.

Yearend-2012-Dolphy ACJ

6. Dolphy and ACJ: End of two eras
– Not just with Dolphy, but also news anchor Angelo Castro Jr. did Filipinos look back on the days when sitcoms revolved on family and newscasts didn’t need to bother with guts and gore. Their deaths in 2012 made us ask if these still have a place in today’s TV landscape.

Yearend-2012- Quiapo Nazareno

7. Sleepless, contact-less in Quiapo
– I’ll remember my first time covering the Black Nazarene procession in Quiapo. Phone signals were jammed leaving us with our trusty CB radios. Plus, our duty got stretched till morning with the parade’s delay.

Yearend-2012- Aika Robredo interview

8. Meet the Robredos
– We were shocked. We regretted a lost public servant. But we were inspired by Sec. Jesse Robredo’s legacy, and more so the tenacity of his widow and three daughters. Previously shielded from the limelight, they met it with grace and silent dignity.
Also: Sec. Jesse returns home

Yearend-2012- Rico Yan funeral

9. Chasing Fallen Stars: How television news covers the death of celebrities
– The death of Dolphy resurrected this review paper I wrote in college with two mates, Ronin Bautista and AM Bernal. Revisiting the “untimely” deaths of Rico Yan, Marky Cielo, and Francis Magalona, it traced what happens when breaking news crosses lines with the showbiz segment.

Yearend-2012- Team Albay Noche Buena CDO

10. Christmas duty in CDO
– It was my first Christmas duty out of town, and I shared the sentiment with some entertainers in Cagayan De Oro who had to keep at their jobs even after they were hit by Typhoon Sendong.

Yearend-2012- Trillanes senate interview


11. When senators get unhappy
– After the impeachment trial, who would go against Senate President Enrile? Turned out it was the youngest senator, who was handling issues of his own. The exchange of words between Enrile and Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV at the Senate floor turned awry, surprising even the media who were there.


As before, here are some favorite posts that didn’t make the most-read:

Yearend-2012- composite runnersup
The Bookshelf: Intro to Christie
– This year, I began a blog series called “The Bookshelf” to somehow get back on writing pieces on the books I read. It has only reached two installments–both on crime mysteries by Agatha Christie. Another “To-do” for 2013.

Pinoy TV mash-up for OFWs, 2001 edition
– I myself had a periodic flashback this year, reposting write-ups from my high school paper SPIS Insights. This was a witty piece by teacher Nick Peñaverde fusing the popular shows of the day on TFC, The Filipino Channel. What got it clicking was the collage of old TV show logos I used.

Post-US elections series

– After US Pres. Barack Obama won reelection, Filipinos begin to look forward to another election this year. I asked some ABS-CBN News bosses how the US elections influence our poll coverage here.

“After Pablo” series

– 2012 couldn’t end without another big story, and unfortunately, the strong winds of Pablo (Bopha) took the limelight from Christmas. I arrived in Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley after the typhoon had left to find a setting that bordered on the post-apocalyptic.

*Other stats in my 2012 WordPress annual report.


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