Snaps: Hike at the Sky

Jorge Cariño reporting from Skyway on toll hike Shot by Anjo Bagaoisan

Skyway flyover, Alabang Exit. 04-25-2011.

The day which started with an all-morning feature for Umagang Kay Ganda in Nasugbu, Batangas would not end.

The divert was the Skyway flyover stretching from Makati to Alabang, a route our roving team rarely passes unless quick travel time is of essence.

Later at 12:01 a.m., motorists using the highway would start paying higher toll. And when no scandals or tragedies take the national center stage, a consumer story like this is top story–live.

Our reporter Jorge Cariño and his team travelled to and fro around the South Super Highway to get statements, video and anecdotes for his TV Patrol story.

We got clearance from Skyway management, yet we still paid the toll.

Security directed us to a fork near the toll gate, the largest and safest area there to mount a setup. The toll gate was our background.

No leaving until midnight. The nearest place for dinner was a trip–and an additional toll–away.

By the time we exited the Skyway after our Bandila live, the last toll gate charged us again. It wasn’t enough. They were now asking for the hiked amount.


4 comments on “Snaps: Hike at the Sky

    • I remember my Filipino teacher asking that to me too. Since I wasn’t part of the show’s conceptualization, I haven’t found out the answer to it. Yet. I’m asking now. The show’s acronym is UKG, so probably explains. Although the show’s social media accounts already say “Umagang KayGanda.” Maybe I should too. Thanks!

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