9 comments on “EDSA 25: ‘I was there’

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  3. Hi Sir! I am back-reading your posts. I like this one. Even though I wasn’t there and I hadn’t been born yet, I find the whole EDSA event so nostalgic. 🙂

    Keep on making features Sir. This blog is starting to become my favorite. I want to be a media personality someday — an effective broadcast journalist to be exact. Your posts serve as inspiration. God bless po!

    • I wasn’t around during EDSA too, but I think an interest in current events always entails a curiosity for the past.

      It’s encouraging to know that this blog, while sporadically updated, still provides a glimpse of what we see and experience on the field. Your comment inspires me to continue finding and writing the back stories that make this blog what it is.

      Thank you so much, Dwight! I hope to see you in the biz one of these days! Keep it up! God bless you too!

  4. great post!
    even if i was reading it way way way after the fact..after the time the commemoration happened..after the time you wrote this.. still..it ignited something in me..an appreciation for EDSA; a realization that what was fought for back in 1986 is not fully realized now despite the absence of martial law because we are still gripped by the chains of corruption and greed.
    EDSA is not really about any individual person’s triumph. It is about the collective triumph of the Pinoy spirit – to fight for what they believe is right and to act on what they know will give them a better life.

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