Date with destiny

One morning in September, we waited for this man in black outside his home as he prepared to stake his claim on history. (Read: Waiting for Noynoy)

Exactly 9 months later, we watched him go up the steps of Congress and ascend to power in his mother’s footsteps.

Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III, the man none dreamed would be president, today became the second person to benefit from his father’s dream of being one.

It was one of the swiftest in recent history–a tad 2 hours of quick-paced parliamentary formality after one of the country’s quickest counts and canvass.

House of representatives plenary hall the morning before President-elect Noynoy Aquino is proclaimed, June 9, 2010

The plenary hall at 8:30 a.m., as House staff started rearranging the congressmen's tables

It was the first presidential and vice presidential proclamation in the age of Web 2.0.

Much so that most eyes and ears on the country were trained on TV sets, radios, mobile phones, and computer screens with live feeds from the Batasang Pambansa.

Local television eschewed afternoon cartoons and soaps for real history-making drama.

ABS-CBN and ANC kicked off the special coverages by 2 p.m. even as the joint session still had to start, the actual proclamation not expected till 5 or 6 p.m.

And Twitter was abuzz with quips from the jokes of old men to witty theorizations of happenings in and beyond the plenary hall.

I sat at our live setup on the third floor near the gallery, battling the slim Net connection to plug into the Twitter conversation.

Updates noted each VIP that came to the lobby filled with expectant cameras. A tumult suddenly rose from below. People ran to peek at what might be the pending President-elect. Turned out host-actor Dingdong Dantes was being mobbed.

Tweeps ran thoughts about the rain, the persistent thunderclaps, and the twice flickering of the Batasan’s lights.

Maybe heaven wasn’t happy with the proclamation. Or it was the thunder of outgoing President Arroyo’s wrath.

At the hand-raising, many were endeared to vice president-elect Jejomar Binay’s grandkids, who seemed oblivious to the momentous spotlight they were in but still basked in it as they joined their lolo on the rostrum.

Binay grandkidsVice President-elect Jejomar Binay's hands being raised.

First, they were giggling; then the kids were making signs of victory. (Shots by Paul Viray)

Roars met every mention of Aquino, Binay, president, and vice president. And in the lobby, Binay’s brods from the Alpha Phi Omega chanted their fraternity’s name and song.

The labor for the coverage was not easy.

Our field ops team, already in place at the House since the canvassing started weeks ago, had to lay out more cables, move equipment, put up additional cameras, and plead with staff for today’s setup.

Lunch time passed and we hadn’t eaten since a new setup for the Aquino’s anticipated press conference at the far end of the House wasn’t ready.

Just as our reporter Lynda Jumilla was tossing her report back to studio during the special, our power tripped and cut us off the air.

Same thing happened to our other setup as Jinggoy Estrada read his father’s concession statement to eager applause.

Noynoy Aquino's hands raised by Juan Ponce Enrile and Prospero Nograles on June 9, 2010

Senate President Juan Ponce "Manong Johnny" Enrile could not resist flashing his campaign pose while raising the President-elect's hands: "Gusto ko happy ka!" (Shot by Paul Viray, ABS-CBN cameraman)

More surprises are coming in the “P-Noy” Aquino administration.

Walking all around the House, anticipating the worst, and playing witness to a history–what a way to celebrate this day.

@anjo_bagaoisan on Twitter: "You all made this day triply memorable for me. Historic Pres'l proclamation via multimedia held on my birthday."


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