Live from Maguindanao, Day 2: Guarded

KORONADAL, SOUTH COTABATO — Call it a break for us at the live team. We left Shariff Aguak last night around 8 and slept in late at the hotel here.

No immediate assignments for us in the morning. Sir Jorge and his team drove the two hours back to Maguindanao. A roommate said he looked for me while I was still asleep, checking if I wanted to come.

Apparently the election materials for the province had arrived, less than a week after the Commission on Elections celebrated the final ballot printed. As with the others, the boxes of ballot paper were piled in the provincial treasurer’s office.

Months since martial law was declared over Maguindanao, the military and police will play the dominant role in ensuring the success of the elections there.

As Sir Jorge reports, the capitol and its precious goods are surrounded by intense security. An army battalion from Isabela has set up base there.

These authorities are making plans a fortnight before the elections, and assuring us that they will not interfere in the democratic process.

Our day has not been as guarded as the ballots. I saw the inside of Koronadal’s KCC Mall for the first time. Nothing too fancy as SM, but with the necessities of any sizable department store.

Sir Jorge advised us to set up transmission for his voiceover package. No lives. It would be my first to edit using non-linear equipment–that’s via computer–on the job.


Not too bad, editing a two-minuter in 30 minutes. It could have gone faster if not for the length transferring the video files to the laptop.

Meanwhile, no advise yet where tomorrow will take us.


4 comments on “Live from Maguindanao, Day 2: Guarded

  1. That’s so cool. I live here, in Koronadal! What a small, small world. I’ve always found KCC a charming place to buy things. People know everyone here.

  2. Hi Kuya Lance! Small world nga! Cool! If you’re here, maybe we could meet while there’s a lull from coverage.

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