On the tube: MMFF 2009 Parade

Video editing can test patience and take long. Especially if you work with 5 tapes covering a trip, 7 floats, hundreds of fans, and a galaxy of stars.

Still, our piece on the parade of stars in the 2009 Metro Manila Film Festival captures the glamour, intrigue, avid, and personal that is Pinoy showbiz.

And it’s on my first Christmas as a Kapamilya.

Gretchen Fullido reports live for Patrol.


3 comments on “On the tube: MMFF 2009 Parade

  1. hey, i saw you on tv when they were showing the people behind the scenes. i was jumping while i was telling my mama that i know you from college. haha 🙂

    • Cool! I have to admit that I never really liked those batian portions after the newscast. Then, experiencing it myself, I guess it’s the only way you could say hi to your family and friends from work–especially when everyone’s enjoying the holidays while you’re not. Thanks! It seems a lot did see it. I’ll be jumping up and down too when you get published soon ah.

      P.S.: I’m not sure how Justin got a hold of your works, but I have a feeling it was through me. Just guessing, but I’ll be honored. 😀

      • Yes, I think it was through you. I was publishing via multiply dati, and that’s where he first read it 🙂

        Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your TV “appearances,” haha 🙂

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