On the tube: A welcome back and a judge who passed the buck

The evening after the UP Oblation Run, our team diverted to nearby Quezon City Hall for TV Patrol duty.

The day could not bring in more surprises. That morning Tita Winnie “welcomed” me back to her “world.” And after a smooth sail directing her segment in an appliance store–all thanks to the crew–we drove to the campus.

UP was at no better time to “welcome” me back. That afternoon, people still had classes, a UP-trademarked event was underway, and I was covering it.

At every turn, I said Hi to familiar faces. I quickly introduced work mates to the barbecues of Beach House–they couldn’t believe the “student” price. And I introduced 3 college buds to my job.

Despite the hordes you see on TV flocking the AS (Palma Hall), not every UP student has actually seen that “great” naked run up front. Our reporter Niña Corpuz, UP Masscom alumna, said it would be her first.

The reasons range from demographics–not exactly good viewing for men; academics–classes and their profs who won’t cut them for the run; and polemics–students who disagree with such expression.

I was there four years as an Isko but never bothered pushing and shoving to see and believe. The Run, in retrospect, gave me a glimpse of what would be my first job.

Rather than runners, I took peeks then at the ABS-CBN van that set up near the AS steps to air a live standup. Little did I know that I would work in one and be assigned to the same event.

Other than Niña’s crew, our cameraman and I gathered footage too, standing by the Alpha Phi Omega tambayan in the AS Walk. The vantage point later gave News Online this photo:

A rest and catch up with friends after, soon we moved to the QC Hall of Justice.

We thought the big news there was a swift decision on the Ampatuan case. Turns out a court had yet to be assigned. When it did, a Judge Cortez reasoned he could not take it.

At least he did weigh his options. Our voiceover captured his choice: “What is glory without family?”

Understandable and somehow, expected. But thinking of the collective frustration with our country’s current affairs, a little disappointing.

Makes you think that heroes, like the naked runner, can’t face the crowd alone.


One comment on “On the tube: A welcome back and a judge who passed the buck

  1. i’m having fun reading your articles. i, myself, don’t get to watch APO’s run too..i’m glad you had the experience of watching one 🙂
    you are definitely a GOOD writer! God bless!

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