To the young Christian lady

How do you squeeze a debut message into the length of seven SMS’s?

Had it not been for the deluge in Northern Luzon last October 9, I would have spent the Friday night at a pink-themed party for a churchmate turning 18.

But instead I had to “text” all those words of cheer, encouragement, and, ahem, wisdom while on our four-hour trip to Pangasinan that afternoon.

I had to type it in full just so it would not lose the formality of a debut message. And with the seven-SMS limit, I had to exercise lots and lost of brevity. Many points and detail thus were lost in imperative sentences two to three words long.

Our youth leader read it by 9 or 10 p.m. Hope I said what I wanted said.

Here’s my “text message” to a Christian woman out to face the world:

Karen, sorry I couldn’t make it. Here’s my message for you:

God has only the best for you. Kung ano yun, mas matindi pa sa mga plano o pangarap mo. Kung ano yun, malalaman mo rin, kapit lang sa Kanya.

You’ve got a whole life ahead of you. God’s word tells us to make the most of our days.

Focus on priorities-ur relationship with Him, ur family, ur studies, & ur ministry.

Treasure & develop friendships w/ people who follow God & will help u follow Him. Anuman mangyari, hindi ka nila pababayaan.

Enrich yourself. Keep learning. Read. Talk with your elders. Engage others. Share ur life w/ them. Meron kang iyo lang na maibabahagi sa iba.

Lastly, always remember u are a daughter & princess of God.

It means u have a Father who loves u so much and wants u first for Himself. None can complete u except Him. Kanya ka muna bago sa iba.

He is a King who owns everything & will meet all u need. And, because u are royalty, you deserve nothing less.

Enjoy. Happy 18, woman of God.

-Kuya Anjo


2 comments on “To the young Christian lady

  1. kuya. :)~!

    that was really touching even tho i’m not the one whom you’ve written it for. 🙂

    i like it.
    uber words of encouragement for women. :).
    kind of ironic that it came from a guy. but still.
    this made my day. 🙂


    • Llyza! Glad to know you were touched by it. This is one of the least read posts in this young blog, actually.

      Come to think of it, it’s awkward I guess for a guy to give such advice to a woman. Question is, why?

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