Shots from the past: Block K5

UP Journalism Block K5 Batch 2005 in black. In pic, L-R: 1st row- Mark Angelo Ching, Don; 2nd row- Andreo Calonzo, Jali Fernando, Elsie Cansino, Camille Diola, AM Bernal, Anjo Bagaoisan, Royce Dela Cruz; 3rd row- Jem Garcia, Dana Crisostomo, Claire Jiao, Nigel Felipe

It’s already four years since I started my CMC journey with this upstart group of future journalists/media practitioners I call my block mates.

Only 147 units ago, we started sharing recess or lunch together after we found out we had many same free times and subjects.

A UP lifetime hence, most of us have graduated. Many, like me, went on to media or communication jobs–a lot of them far from what we dreamed of when we took up the BA J.

Two are freshmen in the UP College of Law. Some kept the faith in college, staying on to finish or take more subjects. One, still to come back, is doing missions work for his church in Taiwan. A few are still among the pre-employed.

We rarely see each other now. Even in our last year we haven’t hung out together as often as we did.


But it’s overwhelming to look back and see where we’ve placed ourselves in those four years:

– We’ve taken the UP and CMC orgs by storm, many ending up as their chairs, presidents, or vices. Funnily, a lot thought many of us would end up in just one.

– When the great Yvonne Chua was still shunned by many, a number of us braved the testy waters. Now we’ve introduced Chua to batches upon batches of Journ majors filling up slot after slot.

– We almost landed someone to chair the CMC student council. She didn’t win though.

– Two of the three candidates for our batch’s best thesis were by four of us. “What we didn’t learn from the CAP crash” by Claire Jiao and Elsie Cansino, and “New nursing schools open despite ban” (Part 1 and Part 2) by Mark Ching and me have since seen print.

– All four finalists for the GMA 7 President’s Medal came from this block.

– And, we produced BA Journalism’s first summa cum laude after 5 years.

This is actually something I should say not just for K5, but even for our other block K6 and the shiftees and transferees that made Batch 2009 as great as it is.

To think that back in first year, almost all of us thought of shifting to other courses.

These shots are then a tribute to our First year as UP Journ majors, when UP domination wasn’t much in our minds and General Education subjects and random topics covered our conversation.

Code of Ethics

This was taken even before we had Multiply or Facebook. And it’s a grateful post. If not for a backup DVD I found among the CD rows, these rare and rarely-seen shots would never be seen again.

A caution: not all of us K5 appear in these shots. [UPDATE: Browsing through a blockmate’s Multiply album, I retrieved our first pictures as a block. This time, almost all of us are here. ]

More pics at my Multiply gallery.


16 comments on “Shots from the past: Block K5

  1. Anjo!! Haha, those were the days. And gosh, sobrang iba mga hitsura natin. You’re right, back then almost all of us were considering other courses, but look who graduated at the same time, from the very degree we all doubted at the start!

    Miss you guys! 😀

    • @Elsie: Yeah. It’s been that long. Congrats again for bagging the Star Award. You and Jen have been getting airtime on ABS-CBN News’ plugs. @Mark: I guess we all were. Time has changed. Glad you guys are still there.

  2. Hi guys. It’s been years ago since we were eating lunch together! Well, I have been married for almost two years now. I met my wife at Church. We have a nine-month old son. I am presently a case manager for China for IBM here in the Philippines. Have a great life ahead! BTW I am graduating April next year. Prof ko pa rin si Ma’am Chua this sem. 🙂 Happiness truly has come into my life–thanks to my wife. Have fun guys!

  3. Well, I was the one who served a full-time volunteer mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. After I got back in December 2009, I met my wife and found work. If you need employment at IBM here in the Philippines or abroad, you may contact me. Go K5 and K6! Sana maging mga tatay at nanay na rin kayo. Parenthood and marriage are so much fun! 🙂

  4. Omigod, these pictures! Hahaha, nakakahiya, hahaha. But blast from the past talaga! It’s great seeing you around in coverage, Anjo! 😀

    • Hi Claire and Royce!
      Claire, How did you suddenly read through this? Haha. It’s really good to bump into you at coverages. Although it’s usually in hotels, ano?
      Royce, congratulations for everything! I look forward to meeting you again, in the coverage field of otherwise! I’ll save marriage and parenthood (hopefully in that order) for sometime (not too soon, not too long).
      Thanks for your comments!

      • HI Anjo, sure. It will be nice to see you soon my friend. 🙂 Right now my wife and I are busy with a new house we bought. It’s been great. Oh yes Anjo it should be in that order: Marriage THEN Parenthood. 🙂 God bless you and your family my friend!

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