History passes, and history will be made

Philippine President Corazon Aquino: 1933-2009 (courtesy: PCIJ)

It has happened: what we called in the newsroom these past days as “ang ‘wag pa sanang mangyari,” or to the more realistic, “ang dapat mangyari.”

On a personal note, it’s the event that signals the start of a new job for me and my fellow trainee Kerch. Our supervisors for days have been telling us to prepare, prepare, prepare. Now we’re scheduled to watch vigil for the second 12-hour wave of live coverage.

I was born in the middle of her Presidency, but grew up in others’. I only hear of her in history books and watch her on TV. Now an adult, I see another icon of the generation pass on.

While the entire nation will be mourning, journalists will run marathon hours to bring that story to the public–and to write the first draft of history.

No doubt President Cory Aquino’s memorial service and funeral will draw the largest live and proxy audience in Philippine history.  Last might be actor Rico Yan’s in 2003, or her husband Ninoy’s 20 years earlier.

And, at last, a real event that indeed deserves media coverage. She is the last President since Diosdado Macapagal to have passed on.

This Saturday morning, as Filipinos wake up, turn on their TV sets or log on to their PCs and hear the news, we’ll see more yellow all around.

And not undeservedly. For while other presidents may have fared better in policy, stability, and (they say) achievement, hers served best to mark history, and to inspire the country.

For that a nation–even the world– is grateful.

See you in heaven, Tita Cory.


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